Bajaj Water Heater

Bajaj Water Heater Instant Water Geyser

Bajaj Water Heater Instant Water Geyser

Bajaj Water Heater
The looks of the hot-water heater are very decent and compact and are perfect for a little family. Bajaj Geyser is one of the simplest selling water heaters.

High pressure withstanding enabling to use in high-rise buildings outer body material prevents rusting and corrosion
Multiple safety systems for protection against dry heating overheating and overpressure
Neon indicator for Power On and Heating gives a status of water heating and readiness


Elegant Body Shell

You are going to be mesmerised by the elegant design of this Bajaj water heater. Raise the glamour quotient of your bathroom with ease!

Instant Water Heater

Want to take a quick hot water shower? Just switch on the Water Heater and behold! You have hot water coming out from the shower spray without waiting even for a few minutes. Quite fast – isn’t it?

Thermoplastic Outer Body

We bet you wouldn’t want to see corrosion specks on this water heating appliance. And we have ensured that you won’t get to see it with the thermoplastic outer body for this water heater.

2 Years Product

This water heater is manufactured under the brand name ‘Bajaj’, with the latest technology. Durability along with excellent functioning is what it provides.

Neon Indicator For “ON” And “Heating”

Waiting to see if the water got heated? Now, you don’t have to. The neon indicator does it for you.

Suitable For High-Rise Building

Don’t be unduly worried if your water heater will be able to withstand the water pressure or not when you are residing in a high-rise tower. This effective water heater can withstand up to 8 bars pressure.


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