Hitachi 5 Star Window AC 1 Ton 1

Hitachi 5 Star Window AC 1 Ton Hitachi 5 Star AC

Hitachi 5 Star Window AC 1 Ton 

The Hitachi 5 Star Window AC is a value for money because it makes efficient use of the power to instantly cool any hot enclosed room.

The pre-coated aluminium fins feature ensures this window is durable because the coating prevents the fins from corroding.

it’s anti-dust filters to stay the air circulated within the room healthy.


  • Windows AC: Economical and easy to install
  • Capacity: 1 Ton. Suitable for small-sized rooms (< = 110 sq ft).
  • Dimension : 660 X 430 X 755 mm
  • Energy Rating: 5 Star. Best in class efficiency.
  • ISEER Value: 3.4 
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 1 Year on Complete Unit and 5 Years on Compressor
  • Copper Condenser Coil: Better cooling and requires low maintenance
  • Refrigerant gas: R22
  • Included in the box: AC Unit, Remote Control, User Manual, Warranty Card


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Hitachi 5 Star Window AC 1 Ton

Hitachi 5 Star Window AC 1 Ton



Hitachi Window AC Advantages 

This AC from Hitachi, one among the well-known houses in durables, makes efficient use of the electricity consumed, and cools every part of the area in a short time.

Pre-coated aluminium fins: This feature ensures the longevity of the AC because the aluminium coating prevents the fins of the device from corrosion within the end of the day.

Kaimin function: This function ensures low usage of electricity and prevents its wastage.
It enables the AC’s temperature to automatically increase and sets the temperature up by one degree every hour to take care of the comfort level of the environment.

Koukin Filter: This feature helps to ensure the cool circulated-air is healthy. It doesn’t let the bacteria grow within the AC because it is antibacterial, and helps to maintain the overall health of the family to an extent.

Low de-rating: The lower de-rating of this AC enables it to perform much efficiently, maintain the general temperature properly without using excessive energy within the process.

Auto Climate Technology: This technology enables the AC to identify and adapt to the temperature and humidity within the area.
The AC unit thus adjusts the temperature and fan speed suited to the user’s requirements.

Automatic fan speed: this is the feature that permits the AC to automatically adjust the fan speed for comfort, counting on the running state of the device.
Once the set temperature is achieved, the fan speed comes right down to a lower level.
Just in case the compressor of this refrigerator stops for a few reasons, the fan rotation speed continues to vary automatically without showing any glitch.

Powerful mode: This mode helps to chill room at a better rate because the fan speed is at its maximum during this mode.
This enables one to enjoy an excellent cool temperature within a brief span of your time.

Auto mode: This air conditioning intelligently decides whether to select cooling or heating with auto mode feature.
Just in case the temperature within the room is 18˚C or less, the AC opts for Heating Mode on its own. However, if the space temperature is over 18˚C, it chooses the Cooling Mode.
This mode helps in maintaining a cushty temperature and also saves on power.

On/Off Timer (With Advanced Start-Up):
The AC is smart enough to automatically set the desired room temperature at a specific time without someone having to change it time and time again.
Auto Restart Starts working automatically in the same setting after a power failure.

Filter Clean Indicator: This feature reminds you when to clean the filter so that you can always get healthy air and save power.

Auto Fan Speed: If the compressor is cut off then the fan speed is low and when the compressor starts then the fan speed is high.

100% Copper: Hitachi Air Conditioners use high-reliability Copper Tube Condenser, Evaporator & Interconnecting Pipes for longer life and better performance.

43 Quality Tests: 3 types of high standard tests ensure each of the Hitachi Air Conditioners matches up to the international specifications.


  • Fast Reliable Cooling 
  • Maintenance Free
  • Power Saver
  • Auto Speed for Fan
  • Dust Filters


  • Poor Installation service
  • High Cost


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