Orpat OEH-1250 2000-Watt Electrical Fan Heater

Orpat Room Heater Best For Small Room

Orpat Room Heater

Orpat Room Heater is Blower Heaters which are one among the foremost important appliances during winters that aren’t only affordable but also provide abundant heat to form you are feeling warm. These sorts of heaters also are referred to as convection heaters, fan heaters, or ceramic heaters.

Winter season is simply around the corner and it’s that point of the year when keeping your space cosy and warm is pretty important.
To accomplish this task within the absolute best manner of installing an area heater in your home is highly recommended.
There are mainly five sorts of room heaters available within the market and that they are fan/blower room heater, halogen room heater, infrared room heater, oil-filled radiator room heater, and radiant room heater.

Blower Heaters or Convection heaters have supported the principle of convection heating. It means this sort of room heater absorbs the cold air from the environment, blows it across the component then warms up your room by blowing the recent air back outside. this sort of room heater encloses a little fan inside to circulate the warmed air within the environment. As there’s a lover inside, it’s referred to as blower heater.

Orpat OEH-1250 2000-Watt Electrical Fan Heater

Quality Control and Quality Assurance processes are neat to make sure superior quality products.

Packaging processes also are so neat to make sure scratch-free delivery to the end-users.




Orpat OEH-1250 2000-Watt Electrical Fan Heater


Orpat Room Heater OEH-1250 Features:

Orpat brings to you this heater which is made from plastic and is white in colour. It has a mesh structure which makes the airflow easy across the room and helps in increase in temperature.



2000 Watt Motor

The heater comes along with a 2000 watt motor which makes it a suitable heater for your room.
A powerful motor is the main component which decides the efficiency of the heater.


Orpat room Fan Heater


Comes with Regulators

The heater is accompanied by regulators which help to control the temperature of the heater quite easily. Do not cover the heater to let the hot air flow comfortably across your room.


ORPAT Group may be a pioneer in India to develop in-house C.O.B. Technology. Being an ISO-9002 & 14001 Certified Company, it assures quality process, quality management systems and quality products.


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